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- How do I join Crusade?

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- How much does it cost to join Crusade?

£30 per year

- Can families join Crusade?

Yes, Crusade has many people from many ages and backgrounds, and all are equally welcome.

- Do I have to buy my own equipment before attending a show?

No. The society has a large supply of weapons, clothing and equipment that can be lent out to new or prospective members at their first shows. We do not expect you to spend money for equipment on a hobby you may not even like. However, if you do decide to take up the hobby members are encouraged to buy their own equipment.

- Is it expensive?

It depends. A basic set of equipment can be purchased relatively cheaply, and this will last you through all the shows you attend. However, some members have chosen to buy large amounts of equipment; either way it is up to the individual to decide how much to spend on equipment. Much of your kit is made internally or by traders with whom we have close links. This means that equipment can be purchased much more cheaply.

- How old do I have to be to join?

Anyone can join Crusade upon paying the yearly membership mentioned above.

However, under-18s need to have their parent/guardian join the society prior to an event. Then at any event an adult must be named by the parent/guardian to be responsible for the under-18.

- How old do I have to be to fight?

All combatants have to be 16 years of age or over and have permission of their parent or guardian.

- Do I have to fight?

No. Combat re-enactment represents only a part of what our society portrays and is not compulsory. Many of our members are involved in demonstrating crafts from our period and showing life in the age of the Crusades.

- Will I be expected to go to every event?

No. Our society knows that everyone has lives outside re-enactment, so it is up to the member which shows he or she attends.

- Where do I stay during an event?

Many of our members camp in the Living History camp throughout the weekend. This means that you are at the heart of re-enactment throughout the weekend; however you are expected to maintain authenticity standards throughout the show’s opening hours.

At many shows there is also the option of plastic camping. This allows members to bring their modern tents and camp in a separate campsite. Members are not expected to maintain authenticity here, however at some shows there may not be an option to for plastic camping.

Members are also free to hire their own accommodation in hotels and B&B’s if they so wish.



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